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Report Extrajudicial executions in Venezuela| FAES kills with state sponsorship

Since the appearance of the Special Actions Forces of the Bolivarian National Police, in July 2017, there are constant reports of excesses by this command group that breaks into the popular neighborhoods of Venezuela and imposes terror with a warlike logic of annihilation massive. The FAES are at the head of a systematic killing and the most serious thing is that they have the express support of the highest government authorities, to the point that on July 17, 2019, Nicolás Maduro came to cheer for the FAES. “Long live the FAES !, he expressed in a message on television. In this special report, Proiuris tells stories about police brutality, the duels it causes and the state’s indolence. Proiuris Report

Extrajudicial Executions Report in Venezuela 

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